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Abundant marine resources , Suitable growing environment,Professional fishing team


Dandong Hailufeng Trade Co., Ltd. is established in 2005.It's a professional manufacturer and exporter of Frozen Seafood. We are located in Dandong, a border city with convenient transportation access and rich natural resources. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the World.Our company's main products are processed shellfishes, including: Frozen Boiled Baby Clam(Short-neck Clam), Frozen B...

 Production Environment


The fresh raw materials are cleaned with seawater after being delivered to the factory. Then increase the oxygen content in water while shellfishes are spitting sand to maintain the activity and increase the efficiency of sand discharge. What’s more, make the water flowing while spitting sand so that the sand can be spit out thoroughly. 



The impurities such as mud and sand sticking to the surface of the shellfishes are thoroughly removed while being rubbed by brushes. After being cleaned, the fresh raw materials need to go through the metal detector to remove completely the raw materials with mud




The factory has the most advanced impurity selection equipment -- X-ray machine, which can select the smallest pearl. And after being selected by the X-ray machine, it is carefully selected manually to completely remove impurities other than the product.



The factory is equipped with two tunnel-type quick-freezing machines to ensure that the freshness of the shellfish is perfectly preserved after freezing and can instantly lock in the nutrition so that the shellfish still has the original color and taste after thawing.